Launch your Spike Mic dart to listen in on anyone. With a live audio feed, you can overhear classified conversations.

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Whether you're a beginner or espionage expert, these gadgets help you gather the intel you need to complete your mission.

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Successful spies need discreet ways to communicate with their fellow agents. Keep your mission undercover with these tools.

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Spy Essentials

Every spy needs these gadgets to carry out their missions like a pro. Equip yourself from head to toe.

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Set up your lazer beam network to help keep your classified materials classified! When the perimeter is breached, an alarm will sound alerting you of any intruder.

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Shop Spy Gear ®

You could go to a store, but it wouldn’t be Spy Gear if you didn’t have the option of getting the gear shipped covertly to your home base.

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